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Kanye West Deluded Fool

Kanye West Claims he Risks His Life Like a Police Officer or Soldier Every Time he Gets on Stage

Egomaniac Kanye West has claimed that he is “literally” risking his life every time he performs during his “Yeezus” tour, comparing getting on stage in shutter shades and shrieking down an auto-tuned mic...

Shia LaBeouf Angry

Shia LaBeouf Threatens to Have Man Killed During London Bar Brawl

Hollywood hothead Shia LaBeouf reportedly threatened to have a man killed after getting into a boozy bar brawl in London’s Covent Garden over the weekend. While out dining in a trendy restaurant, the volatile future ̶...

Tom Hanks Steals iPad

Tom Hanks Steals an iPad

Because f*ck you, I’m Tom Hanks.

The Bomb Burrito

Police Station Bomb Scare Turns out to be Abandoned Burrito

A crack team of brave bomb disposal experts were called to an Oklahoma City police station by alarmed cops recently after one moronic member of the public carried in a ‘suspicious’ looking, tin foil-wrapped package ...

Microwave Playstation 4

Moron Microwaves Brand New PlayStation 4

Whilst most gamers who queued up last Friday to get their hands on a new Playstation 4 console quickly hurried home to start playing it, one moronic YouTuber purchased his for the sole purpose of microwaving the hell out of it ...

Huey Morgan Never Mind The Buzzcocks

What a Mug! Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ Huey Morgan Goes Full Retard on the BBC’s ‘Buzzcocks’

Appearing on the BBC’s beloved “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” pop comedy panel show, Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman Huey Morgan falls for the predictable provocation of the popular moron guest presenters, Bri...

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Inundated With Indecent Proposals on her 18th Birthday

Kendall Jenner, one of two photogenic younger sisters of Her Moronic Majesty Kim Kardashian, awoke on her 18th birthday, not to a heap of well wishing greeting cards marking her milestone big day but to oodles of awkward offers...

Joan Rivers Miley Cyrus

Joan Rivers Mocks Miley Cyrus in Farcical Fat Suit

Joan Rivers branded Miley Cyrus as “disgusting” during a recent episode of her frank Fashion Police show, saying “Enough! That girl is disgusting, she should know her audience and her audience is 17 year old g...

Lady Gaga Spongebob Squarepants

Lady Gaga Outdoes Herself with Ridiculous Spongebob Ensemble

Completely surpassing any previous attempts at global attention seeking, potty popular moron Lady Gaga was pictured in Germany recently dressed as the contents of Spongebob’s square pants. Leaving her Berlin hotel with an...

Dolly Parton Funny

“Hey, Ho” – Dolly Parton ‘Raps’ for Queen Latifah

Appearing on The Queen Latifah Show, 67 year old country bumpkin Dolly Parton unexpectedly grabs the mic and spits a verse centred predominantly around her “wrecking balls”, yet despite it’s god-awfulness, th...

Big Scary Spider

Postman Refuses to Deliver Letter Because of “Massive Spider”

It’s usually vicious dogs postman are afraid of, yet for one arachnophobic mail monkey it was a common garden spider that prevented him from completing his round. Refusing to confront the eight legged freak (which was app...

Johnny Knoxville Bad Grandpa

Johnny Knoxville Drugged at ‘Bad Grandpa’ Screening

Johnny Knoxville, a bunch of drunk frat boys and an advanced screening of his forthcoming funny film Bad Grampa – what could possibly go wrong?! The former Jackass star held a promo screening of his recent work at a colle...